You Don’t Have to Hate Menopause

Peri menopause and menopause are words that many of us hesitate to utter. And yet all women will go through this transition at some point, spending 40-50% of their lives going from peri menopause to post menopause! There are many things that can profoundly influence your menopause symptoms and experience! A more peaceful path to menopause is possible, and you can experience better energy, less brain fog and less stress despite the hormonal changes.

Does nutrition matter in menopause?

Yes, nutrition makes a big difference! We can use nutrition to support our hormones during this transition time and use it to help bust brain fog, increase energy & find joy in eating. We also use customized meal plans, saving you time, money and frustration!

Fatigue is a major menopause symptom

It’s hard when you’re exhausted, fighting through brain fog and feel too tired to make a healthy meal. Sleep is a common struggle in peri menopause, affecting our energy levels, mood & even cravings! But you don’t have to suffer – there is much that can be done to improve those critical zzzzs.

Looking for a menopause diet?

While many diets claim to help with weight loss in menopause, the truth is they focus on calorie restriction that is often unsustainable. The over consumption of sugar can be a major issue, fuelling energy temporarily & inducing a nasty crash later. Excess sugar intake has even been associated with lower total brain volume (yikes!)*. But deprivation and calorie counting are also NOT the foundations of good health. There is a better approach to eating during the menopause transition, it’s not all or nothing, it’s about true balance & consistency. 

*Sherzai, Dean, and Ayesha Sherzai. “Nutrition.” The Alzheimer’s Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to How You Can Prevent and Reverse Memory Loss, Simon & Schuster, London, England, 2017, pp. 100–122.

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Support your body (& brain!), feel good in mid-life.

At Minds Well Fed, we know that you want to sleep better, stay cognitively sharp and enjoy more energy to live your best life (or at least keep up with your kids!) during menopause. In order to do that, you need to understand the factors that can either support or tank your energy and hormone health. The factors that make a difference to menopause symptoms are surprisingly simple and implementing them step by step is the secret to maintaining the changes you make.

The problem is it’s often difficult to make the changes you need in order to create a more pleasant menopause experience, allowing you to support your hormones, beat fatigue, lose brain fog and ditch dieting. Maybe you haven’t seen how this kind of life is possible or aren’t sure where to start, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed or hopeless. Perhaps you’ve decided it’s too complicated and it’s better to do nothing, seeing what fate brings you.

I believe that every woman should know that food and lifestyle changes can make a massive impact on their menopause experience! There are many natural options to increase energy, transforming everything else from work to family life to whatever else you love to spend time doing. There is no reason to suffer, or guess at what to do, no reason to feel overwhelmed when you can take action NOW. I also understand that there are so many mixed messages out there in the nutrition space, which may  leave you feeling confused and stressed, I felt that too when I began my health journey over 12 years ago. But through our nutrition training and work with clients, it’s clear that lagging energy and brain fog is not inevitable as we age, which is why I believe we have an incredible opportunity to make changes now to protect our health as we go through our 40’s and beyond, experiencing abundant energy while avoiding unhealthy restrictive eating patterns.

I realize that this is often easier said than done. That’s why we discuss your personal situation and take into account your current needs, hormone health, lifestyle and goals when walking through our program.

Here’s how the process works:

1) Book a free discovery call

2) Review your hormone health on the call

3) Identify your next step & if our Peaceful Path to Menopause program is for you

Book a call now, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start taking charge of your hormones after 40, improving energy, and feeling confident about your journey to menopause.  

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The time, energy & money that you invest now will pay dividends for many, many years to come. The menopause transition can take 4-20 years, plus the time we’ll spend post-menopausal! And while we can’t predict what will happen in our bodies, or control all risk factors, we can do a lot to create positive influence, even with moderate consistency.

Changing habits might feel hard or scary, that’s simply our brain letting us know we are disrupting the status quo & going somewhere new. The brain is shouting “danger! we don’t know what’s over there!”; we need to say back to the brain “it’s ok, we’ll be safe over there – come and see me thrive in menopause”

I feel burnt out

Feel like you’re short on time & energy? Creating a plan to increase your energy is part of our roadmap – we start with a plan that can work for you now, reducing the time spent googling “menopause help”, scrolling, grocery shopping & wondering “what’s for dinner?”

But I’ve Failed In the Past

Nutrition plans are often built with best intentions, excess restrictions or a short timeframe for following them, so it’s not your fault you can’t keep going! Building a new habit is a key step that is usually left out of a plan/program – we start with habits & build from the ground up, without overwhelm.

It Feels Complicated

You’re right – considering nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management & life purpose might feel complicated. But it’s all about the long game & making small, sustainable changes to support you in the menopause transition. This is why we use healthy habit building as the key for long term results – it’s not as complicated as you might think.

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As a busy entrepreneur mom I understand how difficult it is to make sustainable changes in healthy eating and how it can be challenging to make it happen with the competing demands of life, especially after age 40.

That’s why I offer cooking classes as well as personalized step-by-step coaching, making the process easy and fun (yes, cooking healthy meals can be fun!)

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Prior to working with Alyssa I had done a fair bit of research on my own on the lifestyle factors affecting cognitive decline, but really hadn’t figured out how to apply what I’d learned in my own life. Although Alyssa helped me get consistent with meal planning and on-track with nutrition – which I’d been hoping for – she ended up surpassing my expectations by teaching me so much more, including how to form lasting habits, how to handle stress, and ways to improve my sleep. Working with Alyssa I’ve also learned to celebrate all of the things I already do well and to use the skills I (didn’t know I) already have to solidify my new healthy habits. Thank you Alyssa!

Sarah D

“My experience with Alyssa from Minds Well fed has been life changing! We were able to discuss my current health concerns and she created a personal program designed around my needs. The best part is the program includes easy to use online tools, great recipes, grocery lists and new simple daily habits to incorporate into my daily routine.

My results have been amazing. The rosacea and eczema on my face has completely cleared up and my tummy troubles are on the mend. I look forward to continually improving my health with Alyssa.”


“Alyssa was very helpful in helping me navigate my diet and lifestyle during a challenging post-partum journey. I was able to develop real meal plans from her advice, and have continued to sustain the routines we put in place (and it has been more than three months!)

Sarah M

Ready to upgrade your menopause experience? Here’s how:

Schedule a Free Call

Book a free call with Alyssa to figure out where you’re at in your hormone journey and what your next step could be .

Hormone Health Checklist Review

Going through the hormone health checklist provides a focus on areas where you could take your next step – the main pillars we cover are nutrition, sleep, movement, stress management and life purpose. All of these are key to supporting your menopause transition and experience, improving energy & clarity long term! We will talk about your most urgent area first, developing a simple next step you can take right away. 

Identify Your Next Step

After reviewing the checklist and your next step, we can determine if our program is a good fit for you. Over 14 weeks we provide a roadmap for understanding the factors that influence energy while providing the step by step guidance needed to begin making changes. We’ll also build the foundations of healthy habits – teaching your brain how to build habits that will last.

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