5 Tips For Making New Years Resolutions Stick

Ever wonder why new habits can be so hard to maintain? Why gym attendance January 2nd is so vastly different than gym attendance February 2nd? We need more than just good intentions and wishful thinking to make long lasting changes. New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap for being unsustainable, and often the grand goals we set for ourselves January 1st require more than we are willing to give. 

It’s about the long game

But perhaps it’s not making resolutions that is the problem, perhaps the focus is where we run into trouble. Resolutions, goals or intentions should be about the long game – what we can do in a month, then a quarter, then a year, then 3 years…by taking the long term into account, we can set small steps that move us forward. Sustainably. Without overwhelm. 

Isn’t that what we really want? 

5 Tips to make those resolutions/goals stick

If you feel like you can’t get resolutions or goals to stick, consider these 5 tips as we embrace a new year:

  1. Establish your why – having a distinct purpose related to your resolution gives it more sticking power. Which of these two statements is more attractive: “I need to lose 10 pounds” or “I want to feel more like myself”? When your purpose is to feel more “you”, it’s a stronger driver than an external measurement on a scale.
  2. Start with small changes – bigger does not equal better! I’ve read it over and over again in habit change books, I’ve witnessed it in my own life & I’ve seen it with my clients – taking consistent, small steps towards a goal will get you there. It will also help you maintain momentum, overcome inevitable setbacks and focus on your long term goals.
  3. Choose a quick win to begin – if trying to get to bed earlier, start with 15 minutes earlier versus trying to go to bed a couple of hours earlier. Allowing yourself to have a quick win gives you that reward hit in the brain, encouraging you to keep going and make more changes, after all, you’ve already been successful!
  4. Make it enjoyable – think about adding in healthier food before taking less healthy food away, choose physical activity that is fun for you and practice self care that makes you feel good. Drudgery will not get you to your goals, we can only drag ourselves towards a goal for so long before we lose steam. Add in some fun!
  5. Include accountability – whether it is a buddy, an app or a coach, have something or someone that you regularly check in with. This is really really key, I can’t stress this enough! You’ll make time for that walk, rain or shine, if your friend is all in for that walk too. You’ll cook healthier meals knowing your friend is also preparing the same recipe or your coach is checking in with you tomorrow. You’ll work to meet those in-app goals and earn those badges, if that provides you with satisfaction.

Lastly, have self compassion and allow yourself to be human! Don’t forget that you have many facets to your life and demands on your schedule. Find your goal, mark out your small steps and follow those sustainable adjustments to the lasting changes you desire.

It’s 100% possible!

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