Sleep like your immune system depends on it!


Sleep like your immune system depends on it! (Because it does) Sleeping well is synonymous with good health, and I think we all know how awful it feels when we are sleep deprived!  Did you know there is a two way communication link between sleep and the immune system?  When we are sick, our immune system affects sleep in order to force us to rest. When we experience poor sleep or sleep deprivation, it affects our immune system’s ability to function well. What happens during sleep And while we may seem inactive during sleep, our brain and body are highly [...]

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Don’t stress out your immune system!


Don't stress out your immune system! Now more than ever, stress is a factor for most of us. Dare I say it’s affecting ALL of us. Whether you click every article about current events or ignore the bulk of media, it’s likely that you feel it. A chronic, heavy, almost unnameable tension that exists. There is an invisible enemy and the information about it is complicated and ever changing.  What we are experiencing now is called chronic stress. Perhaps your life had stressful times in the past, or you lived in a different form of chronic stress from daily life, [...]

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Get moving for your immune health!


Get moving to support your immune health! Exercise. It’s often considered a chore and if it could be responsibility sold in a bottle I’m sure many would buy it. But exercise is so much more than the drudgery that may be attached to the word. In fact, there are many people that would describe exercise as a “joy” and have found much pleasure in exercising. And truthfully, I dislike the word exercise - the word movement seems more appropriate, fitting and inclusive. Moving our bodies IS exercise, and how we choose to move our bodies can be as unique as [...]

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Does food affect immune health?


Does food affect immune health? Food truly does matter! And let me preface this by saying it is an absolute privilege to be able to choose the foods we eat, to have the ability to access many healthy foods (most of the time!) and experience the variety available. If you have the ability to make choices about what you eat, you are among the wealthy in this world. Ready to dive into food and immune health? While research studies on individual nutrients, like Vitamin C, E and Zinc, may not agree on whether high doses of these nutrients really benefit [...]

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