Why do we keep trying diets?


Diets, we love to hate them Ever wonder why there are always new diets?  And why, despite their not-so-stellar reputation, we still find ourselves tempted to give them a try? Let's explore some of the reasons why diets continue to appeal, because chances are if you're a women over 40 you've tried at least one diet in your life... Ooooh, this is new! Novelty has a magnetic pull on us. We love the thrill of trying something new and different, especially when it comes to our eating habits. The idea of a quick fix or [...]

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What foods help prevent Alzheimer’s? (and the menopause connection)


Does food matter for Alzheimer's disease? The short answer is "yes", it definitely matters! The biggest impact that food could have is in prevention of Alzheimer's disease. According to lead neurologists, Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, up to 90% of Alzheimer's disease is preventable through lifestyle changes. 90%!! Learning this changed so many things for me, including how I thought about food as well as a new love for incorporating brain loving foods in my diet.  MIND Diet  This groundbreaking diet stands for Mediterranean-DASH Diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay - a bit of a mouthful! This eating [...]

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Is this junk food?


Is this junk food? If you’ve ever had a conversation with yourself where you’re deciding whether or not to eat a specific food, this article is for you! The words “junk food” may bring back distinct memories from your childhood or may even bring up feelings of guilt in the present. And yet, when you look at “junk food” it really is just food.  All Food Can Fit Is all food good for us to consume at all times? No. But it’s far too simple an approach to put a whole bunch of [...]

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Fad diets please exit stage left


What you should eat... The cycle of fad diets is never ending, with new twists or variations on the same eating plan released on what feels like a never ending basis. Why is this? If someone has figured out the one diet for all people, we should all know what it is and be using it, right? Unfortunately the weight loss industry is worth $72 billion dollars in the US alone and is projected to continue growing in the future (1). The focus is often on the next new and shiny diet product or food trend instead of encouraging optimal [...]

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