One Pan Tofu Bake


Do you do meatless Mondays? This is a great recipe to whip up for a meatless Monday or for any day! We eat mostly plant based in our home, so I often will take a recipe where chicken would be the protein and sub in tofu.   Turns out tofu substitutes well in pan bakes! This recipe is one with more unique spices; however, it has been a surprise favourite for five out five of our family members! Yippee for a winner dinner!   If you're looking for a quick throw together dinner, give this a go! It's a wonderful meal [...]

One Pan Tofu Bake2022-08-17T17:15:07-07:00

Vegan Chili


Vegan Chili (gluten free) I love an easy to throw together meal - especially one where I can easily double the recipe and freeze half for later!  This recipe brings in sweet potatoes (or yams, depending on where you're grocery shopping) to really amp up the flavour and fiber; if you'd like to up the veggie ante even more, feel free to throw in some chopped carrots. Beans are a humble but power house food! They help stabilize your blood sugar, allowing your body to slowly release energy as it digests your food, helping you avoid the energy high and [...]

Vegan Chili2022-06-29T16:16:38-07:00

Mushroom Celery Amazing Soup


I know, I know, a soup that has mushroom and celery in the title is not necessarily the most exciting thing, BUT the word amazing is in there so you KNOW it's going to be good. Unless you hate mushrooms, then it's definitely not going to be on your hit list of soups to make. If you're a mushroom lover then rejoice, because this soup is bursting with mushroom flavour with hints of a celery party happening in the soup at the same time. There are other veggies snuck in there too, along with cashews to make it super duper creamy [...]

Mushroom Celery Amazing Soup2020-08-20T14:30:03-07:00
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