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Better Breakfasts for Hormone Health (Virtual)

Stop dragging yourself through your morning - boost your energy with better breakfasts! When you pay attention to your breakfast and put it together with the 3 power players I talk about in this workshop, you’ll set yourself up for improved hormone health, better energy, focus and productivity each day. Drinking multiple cups of coffee/tea each morning might “get you through”, but it won’t fuel you to do the things you love (including keeping up with your kids/grandkids who seem to have endless energy!). This workshop is for you if you’re: Over 40 and feeling that hormone shift (hello mood swings [...]


Mood Food (In-person Class, Langley, BC)

What we eat makes up who we are and there are key nutrients needed to support mental health. The only way we can get them is through nutrient dense foods and good digestion. Consider this - our brain is greatly affected by our food choices - 25% of our daily intake is used as energy by the brain!


Snacks for the Win (Back to School Edition) – Virtual

Feel like you're stuck on what to pack for your kid's lunch? Tired of the same options? Looking to make sure they get some protein & other goodness in their little bodies? Join me for a fun & FREE class on adding snacks that will help energize and satisfy your kiddos!

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