How to Change Your Life in 60 Days (Summer Edition)

It’s summertime – hooray! While many people take this time to throw off any kind of schedule or live unstructured lives, summer time can also be a powerful time of transformation! While it might seem impossible, you truly can change your life in 60 days, even during the most carefree time of the year. 

Hold up – I’m not here to be the fun police or say that you need to have an intense structure to your summer – carefree days are 100% on the menu! What I AM saying is this is a golden opportunity for change. So often I hear people say that they will do something “after the summer” which then turns into “after the back to school rush” and then “after the holidays” and….well, you get the point.

There is no perfect time to make a change (sorry).

The Perfect Time to Change is The Time You Choose

How To Change Your Life in 60 Days

There will always be distractions, obstacles, complications and challenges. BUT, where there is challenge there is also opportunity, so if you’re considering what “summer you” could incorporate into your summer bliss, check out the helpful tips below. (Side note: if you’re choosing to use the summer to throw all caution to the wind, there’s no judgement here!). 

Here are 3 reasons why summer is a great time to lean into some simple (and life changing) habits:

How to Change Your Life in 60 Days

1) Summer gives us better weather (usually!). Longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures make it much easier to get outside, be active and enjoy time in nature. As we experience the great outdoors, it tends to encourage even more time outside and increased movement, while simultaneously improving our immune systems and our mental health. Use that fair summer weather to your advantage!

2) Summer gives us the feeling of “extra-ness”. Even though summer (as in the usual school summer break) is only about 8 weeks long, there is a sense of elongated time as the daylight stretches into the evening. There is often a feeling of more time or resources, which can be helpful in setting up new processes to support healthier habits.

How to Change Your Life in 60 Days
How to Change Your Life in 60 Days

3) Summer gives us a break. We often allow ourselves to step away from our regular routine at this time of year, providing a bit of space to evaluate what’s working (and what’s not). This break allows for some mental and physical space, opening up to new possibilities.

So, now that we know why summer gives us a golden opportunity, how can we transform our lives in 60 days (give or take)? Taking on new habits is really at the core of this strategy and we’re using summer magic to get things going. If you’re able to take action and see success, it will provide you with motivation to continue.

Did you catch that? Motivation comes AFTER action, not before. If you’re waiting to feel motivated, you’ll be waiting a looooong time my friend. Summer gives us that extra space to take a new action and feel that momentum from motivation kicking in. 

3 Shifts for Summer Transformation:

1) Take on a new identity. No, not by stealing someone else’s identity, but instead begin to assume the identity of the person you want to be – are you wishing you were more of a planner? Decide that during summer you will be a planner. This doesn’t have to mean you plan all the things and overload yourself with a crazy schedule, but what you can do is take 

How to Change Your Life in 60 Days

various opportunities to plan, taking this new identity for a test run. For example, if you’re heading out to the beach for a week, ask yourself, “how would a “planner” make this the best beach vacay?” Chances are, a planner would sit down and figure out local activities, “must-see’s” and food needs. A planner would determine approximately how many meals would be prepared and eaten at the Air B&B, research the closest grocery store, choose easy recipes, make a grocery list and prepare an online order for that nearest store. If this feels new for you, check out my article on healthy habits for more actionable info!

If you’re able to test run this type of planning on your vacay, you can also apply this to your “regular” life. And FYI, this makes your vacay WAY more relaxed than winging the food – that leads to hangry summer conversations that no one wants to put in the memory book! The summer allows you to experiment and flex with different ideas, trying on what works and discarding what doesn’t. When fall comes along with a more set schedule, you’ll already identify as a planner and adjust accordingly. So. Much. Easier.

How to Change Your Life in 60 Days

2) Embrace new movement. Summer is a great time to try a new sport, engage in a fitness challenge, explore local trails and move your body in new ways and in new spaces. There are often summer specials or incentives to try new things, sometimes at a lower price or with a shorter commitment. This is a great way to “try on” something that allows you to move your 

body and see if this could be a great fit moving forward. Maybe a new summer workout challenge is your thing or a salsa dance class catches your eye. By trying things in the summer where we feel less attached and more free with our time, we can find something we truly enjoy, adding that to our list of things we want to continue with as the weather turns cooler.

3) Lean into “me time”. We’ve all heard about self care and how important it is (chances are your eyes have already glazed over just reading this sentence!). Leaning into self care activities means choosing the things that you enjoy – if it feels hard to come up with something you enjoy, envision yourself on vacation, what would you choose to do? It can literally be 

How to Change Your Life in 60 Days

anything – colouring, reading, writing, resting, swinging in a hammock, building something, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, studying a new language, crafting, sewing…whatever sparks joy and puts a smile on your face, choose that! By experiencing the bliss of real rest and joy, you tell your body that it is safe, that it can rest and repair, that it can switch out of chronic stress mode and into relaxation mode. This switch is something that is crucial to familiarize yourself with, especially as hectic schedules and expectations roll back around. If our body is unable to easily switch out of stress mode, it makes it difficult for the body to truly rest, repair and digest. 

What’s Your Summer Shift?

Take a moment to re-read those three areas of focus above. As you head into summer, whatever that looks like for you, what will you lean into? Can you choose 1 of the 3 shifts listed above to help transform your life over the next 60 days?

While the shifts may not appear transformational on the surface, I can attest to the fact that they will change your life if you lean into them and continue to make them a priority. Summer may feel like a tough time to add in something new or make adjustments; however, it is actually a wonderful time where most people feel better, happier, more energetic and more hopeful. Use that summer feeling to help propel you forward, laying the foundation and strengthening your health as you move through summer into fall.

How to Change Your Life in 60 Days

Every year I hear my clients and fellow moms say “I can’t believe summer is here!” and then in September they say, “I can’t believe we’re back to school, the summer flew by!”. Choosing transformative habits throughout the year, in small and consistent ways, helps us get a handle on the things that support us as we fly through the days, weeks and months of our lives.

Investing in supporting our body through nourishing food, movement, quality sleep, self care and stress management help us take in the changing seasons with more ease. 

If you’re ready for more energy to rock this summer, grab my free energy guide, it will give you 5 easy ways to increase your energy and feel awesome! And if you implement one of the three transformational shifts above, send me a message and let me know, I’d love to cheer you on!