You chose MONEY

Time is limited, but so is money, I totally get why you would choose to save money – a budget is what it is.

Here are a few tips that can save you MONEY:

> Make a simple meal plan & use it (yes, this is boring BUT it saves you from buying random foods that don’t make meals and then spending MORE money when you have to go to the store again. Trust me.)

> Add one thing at a time – don’t try to overhaul your nutrition overnight. Start by picking one veggie to add to your meals, once you’re consistently adding veggies then consider how you might add in some greens to a meal or two. Build from there. This helps eliminate waste and unnecessary spending (i.e. paying for veggies that rot in your fridge…)

> Workout at home. Find something you enjoy and see if there is a low cost app you can use – this allows you to choose something you like to do without shelling out for an expensive gym membership or buying equipment you won’t use.

These things set you up for success as you implement new habits that will serve you well in the menopause journey. If you are able to spend a little bit of time planning your next steps and using your time to get things moving, you’ll save some moolah as well 🙂