Fad diets please exit stage left


What you should eat... The cycle of fad diets is never ending, with new twists or variations on the same eating plan released on what feels like a never ending basis. Why is this? If someone has figured out the one diet for all people, we should all know what it is and be using it, right? Unfortunately the weight loss industry is worth $72 billion dollars in the US alone and is projected to continue growing in the future (1). The focus is often on the next new and shiny diet product or food trend instead of encouraging optimal [...]

Fad diets please exit stage left2020-09-30T05:46:42-07:00

Why the word ‘diet’ doesn’t mean what you think it does


A temporary measure, a means to an end. Nope, that's not a diet. Have you ever been "on a diet"? A plan? Actually, we are all experiencing a diet right now, no matter what you eat - or don't eat. The word itself came into use in the 13th century and according to Merriam Webster, it meant "habitually taken food and drink" and in the Middle and early modern English periods it referred to a "way of living". And if you google the Merriam-Webster definition of diet you will find that the first two meanings for the word diet include: [...]

Why the word ‘diet’ doesn’t mean what you think it does2020-07-02T12:46:26-07:00
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