Exercise like your brain depends on it


Exercise like your brain depends on it. Because it does. I’ve written before about exercise and the immune system, and I often talk about movement and its importance when working with clients, but I still feel like exercise is somehow easily brushed aside. But did you know that exercise is essential for brain growth?  Exercise grows your brain There is a neurotrophic factor that increases when we exercise - it’s called brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF for short). BDNF is essentially a growth hormone for the brain, it helps grow new neurons and increases neuronal connections. What does this mean? [...]

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Get moving for your immune health!


Get moving to support your immune health! Exercise. It’s often considered a chore and if it could be responsibility sold in a bottle I’m sure many would buy it. But exercise is so much more than the drudgery that may be attached to the word. In fact, there are many people that would describe exercise as a “joy” and have found much pleasure in exercising. And truthfully, I dislike the word exercise - the word movement seems more appropriate, fitting and inclusive. Moving our bodies IS exercise, and how we choose to move our bodies can be as unique as [...]

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