The Best Chocolate Cake (yes, it’s gluten free & dairy free!)


The Best Chocolate Cake (and yes, it's gluten free and dairy free) I've never liked chocolate cake (gasp!). I love chocolate. I love cake. Put them together and I'm just not interested - too often I've found chocolate cake to be dry and lacking in depth of flavour.  Then I met this cake....and everything changed.  What's amazing about this cake? This chocolate cake uses brewed coffee (use decaf if you're avoiding caffeine) and lots of quality, dark chocolate to really intensify the chocolaty flavour. There is also mashed avocado (hello secret ingredient!), which provides healthy fats to really bring moisture [...]

The Best Chocolate Cake (yes, it’s gluten free & dairy free!)2023-12-11T19:35:58-08:00

Carrot Top Pesto


If you are growing carrots in your garden, chances are you have composted piles of the leafy greens that sprout on top of those tasty root veggies. In the past I have cut those greens and put them in the compost bin (which is still a great thing versus going to a landfill) but had not paused to think, are these beautiful greens edible?? And they most certainly are! Whether you desire to chop them into a salad, steam them, saute them or blend them into a sauce, they are versatile and considered a market vegetable in Europe! I've also [...]

Carrot Top Pesto2020-09-30T06:03:37-07:00

Delicious Parsley Dill Sauce


A good sauce can cover a mediocre meal and make it fantastic! This sauce was inspired by a random assortment of ingredients in my fridge and pantry and the need for something yummy to slather on that evening's veggie bowl dinner. Did you know that parsley is a also a good source of iron? 100 grams (1 1/2 cups) of parsley provides 34% of your daily iron - more than double the amount of iron from spinach! And pairing lemon juice with parsley enhances iron absorption, making this dip not only delicious but helpful for those looking to increase iron [...]

Delicious Parsley Dill Sauce2022-06-29T16:30:14-07:00

Best Ever Gluten Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Gluten free baking is somewhat intimidating if you are new to trying it but it doesn't have to be! It's really a matter of making flour swaps and using the correct leavening agents (I'm talking baking powder, baking soda or yeast or a combination) and with so many gluten free recipes out there, it's pretty easy to get started. Lately I have been intrigued by gluten free baking and energized by the challenge of converting my go-to recipes into gluten-free goodness! I make banana chocolate chip muffins nearly every week and usually use spelt flour to do so, but I was [...]

Best Ever Gluten Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins2020-07-02T12:42:34-07:00
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