Do you love food?


Do you love food? Ok, that’s kind of a silly question, but what’s your answer?  Do you love food?  All food or just specific foods?  I’ve always loved food, generally gravitating towards the sweet things. My mom is an amazing cook and baker, so I grew up making cookies with her and trying all kinds of new recipes over the years. As a teen I loved to bake cinnamon rolls, they were my absolute fave, I even considered them my specialty! I still love a good cinnamon roll… Food is more than just food But food is not just food, [...]

Do you love food?2020-09-30T05:43:21-07:00

You Are The Kind of Person who has Healthy Habits!


You are the kind of person who has healthy habits Healthy habits. Those words may conjure up feelings of guilt or perhaps feelings of pride - but how are healthy habits built? Can they be maintained long term?   In short, all habits are built on repetitive behaviours. No moral judgement attached. We are simply the results of the things that we do, day in and day out. Are ALL the things we do helpful? Probably not, but chances are a lot of our habits keep us clean, safe, organized and on the right side of the law. Healthy habits are [...]

You Are The Kind of Person who has Healthy Habits!2022-06-29T16:22:09-07:00
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