Why your bedtime matters


Why your bedtime matters See video summary below or read through the article for the video highlights and a deeper dive into why consistent sleep schedules matter and what can help you fall asleep faster and experience more quality sleep! Do you find it difficult to stick to a consistent bedtime? Or find yourself saying each morning “I need to go to bed earlier tonight”? Sleep is so critical and it’s value is often underrated in our culture that glorifies busyness. It’s almost a badge of honour to say that you can survive on little sleep or that [...]

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Do you love food?


Do you love food? Ok, that’s kind of a silly question, but what’s your answer?  Do you love food?  All food or just specific foods?  I’ve always loved food, generally gravitating towards the sweet things. My mom is an amazing cook and baker, so I grew up making cookies with her and trying all kinds of new recipes over the years. As a teen I loved to bake cinnamon rolls, they were my absolute fave, I even considered them my specialty! I still love a good cinnamon roll… Food is more than just food But food is not just food, [...]

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Why Immune Support Matters Now More Than Ever


Why Immune Support Matters Now More Than Ever As we find ourselves in the middle of the current pandemic, there is a lot of focus on waiting for a pharmaceutical solution. But what is lacking in the media messages, is the empowering information needed to make changes that support our health now, providing us with the best chance to withstand an infection if it happens. I’m talking about our immune health.  Our immune system is our defence system - a network of organs, tissues and cells that work together in protecting our body from invaders including bacteria and viruses. By [...]

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Why hydration is your best friend


Why hydration is your best friend When you think about your health, does your water intake top your list? Perhaps it should! Drinking water is so key to our overall health and has been preached as a solution to many ills. It is absolutely true that our body (including our brain!) needs water to function properly -  a water loss of just 1-2% of our body weight begins affecting our attention and short term memory (4)! Talking about water may not seem as exciting as the newest miracle superfood or a breakthrough nutritional therapy, but it is still required to [...]

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Why the word ‘diet’ doesn’t mean what you think it does


A temporary measure, a means to an end. Nope, that's not a diet. Have you ever been "on a diet"? A plan? Actually, we are all experiencing a diet right now, no matter what you eat - or don't eat. The word itself came into use in the 13th century and according to Merriam Webster, it meant "habitually taken food and drink" and in the Middle and early modern English periods it referred to a "way of living". And if you google the Merriam-Webster definition of diet you will find that the first two meanings for the word diet include: [...]

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