Why your bedtime matters


Why your bedtime matters See video summary below or read through the article for the video highlights and a deeper dive into why consistent sleep schedules matter and what can help you fall asleep faster and experience more quality sleep! Do you find it difficult to stick to a consistent bedtime? Or find yourself saying each morning “I need to go to bed earlier tonight”? Sleep is so critical and it’s value is often underrated in our culture that glorifies busyness. It’s almost a badge of honour to say that you can survive on little sleep or that [...]

Why your bedtime matters2020-09-30T05:42:05-07:00

Sleep like your immune system depends on it!


Sleep like your immune system depends on it! (Because it does) Sleeping well is synonymous with good health, and I think we all know how awful it feels when we are sleep deprived!  Did you know there is a two way communication link between sleep and the immune system?  When we are sick, our immune system affects sleep in order to force us to rest. When we experience poor sleep or sleep deprivation, it affects our immune system’s ability to function well. What happens during sleep And while we may seem inactive during sleep, our brain and body are highly [...]

Sleep like your immune system depends on it!2020-09-30T05:47:47-07:00
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