You chose TIME

Time is so precious, I totally get why you would choose to save time – there is only so much time in our day & we can’t add to it (although I often wish I could!).

Here are a few tips that can save you TIME:

> Order groceries online & pay for delivery (especially if you hate shopping!)

> Hire a nutritionist (or anyone else who is willing) to help with meal prep (pre-chopping veggies/fruit, cooking ahead – things like rice, quinoa, etc) so that your healthy meals are easy to put together

> Get a custom workout program designed for you (something that meets your needs – i.e. gym versus home routine, etc – and something that is sustainable in your current season of life) so that you can do the best workout in the shortest amount of time

These things set you up for success as you implement new habits that will serve you well in the menopause journey. If you are able to pay for help, you can often save a lot of time and move a bit faster 🙂