Upcoming cooking classes & Workshops:

Here’s what people are saying about our cooking classes:

The breadth of Alyssa’s knowledge is impressive. It’s an interactive class as she welcomes questions; she made it fun to try something new.

Alyssa’s class is much more than just about nutrition, but also addresses some of the reasons why a person might struggle to take the time to eat properly. The class was fun, informative and delicious!

Alyssa is all about food & what it can do for you, she uses her holistic nutritionist skills to help as many women as she can. The food was amazing and her knowledge was mind blowing, we highly recommend her!

*Booking now! In-person cooking classes!*

Interested in booking a class for you & your friends? I offer fun & interactive classes on eating for amazing energy, eating to support mental health, allergen friendly meals, and more. If you’d like to host, there are some great perks!

Interested in hosting? Check out the details below:

Hosting is easy – you invite your friends, I’ll bring the food!

Here’s what you need to get started as a host:

  • Invite your friends/family to come to the class (minimum of 5 is needed)
  • Have a space available where I can prepare, cook & serve food to you and your guests
  • Choose a class that appeals to you (see list below)
  • Be open to trying some new things (I promise, they’re yummy!)
  • Relax & take a night off of making dinner!

Want more details? Email me at alyssa@mindswellfed.ca, or if you’d like to book a quick call to go over pricing/logistics, click the button below.

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Cooking Class Options

Eating for Amazing Energy

  • Feeling exhausted? This class is for you! Learn how to pump up your energy with food and fuel yourself for each day.

Mood Food

  • Food and mood are intertwined, what we eat can have a profound impact on how we feel. Learn more about mood boosting foods and which nutrients can really help support your mental health!

Fermented Fun

  • Did you know fermented foods are good for the gut? Learn how to make these fun foods at home and include them in your day in creative ways.

Delicious Dips & Sauces

  • Dips and sauces can really jazz up plain veggies or transform a meal from “good” to “ah-mazing”! Learn how to make delicious dips and sauces, as well as how to make your own versions at home.

Anti-inflammatory Eating

  • Did you know that inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases? Learn how food can help lower inflammation in body and what other aspects of our lifestyle impact inflammation levels.

Allergen Aware Eating

  • Feel like you have to miss out on yummy recipes because of your allergies? This class introduces you to delicious recipes free of the major allergens! Learn more about how to eat with allergens in mind.

**Note: All classes include a helpful handout and a copy of all the recipes prepared during the class**