1708, 2022

One Pan Tofu Bake

August 17th, 2022|

Do you do meatless Mondays? This is a great recipe to whip up for a meatless Monday or for any day! We eat mostly plant based in our home, so I often will take a recipe where chicken would be the protein and sub in tofu.   Turns out tofu substitutes well in pan bakes! This recipe is one with more unique spices; however, it has [...]

1207, 2022

Fresh Roasted Salsa

July 12th, 2022|

Summer is the best time for this fresh & delightful salsa! Fresh salsa used to be my thing - invite me to a summer BBQ and I'll bring the chips and homemade salsa along! Sadly I gave up regular salsa making when the kiddos arrived - there was less time for roasting & dicing in between diaper changes & nap schedules. But as my kids [...]

2806, 2022

Vegan Chili

June 28th, 2022|

Vegan Chili (gluten free) I love an easy to throw together meal - especially one where I can easily double the recipe and freeze half for later!  This recipe brings in sweet potatoes (or yams, depending on where you're grocery shopping) to really amp up the flavour and fiber; if you'd like to up the veggie ante even more, feel free to throw in some [...]

902, 2021

The Best Chocolate Cake (yes, it’s gluten free & dairy free!)

February 9th, 2021|

The Best Chocolate Cake (and yes, it's gluten free and dairy free) I've never liked chocolate cake (gasp!). I love chocolate. I love cake. Put them together and I'm just not interested - too often I've found chocolate cake to be dry and lacking in depth of flavour.  Then I met this cake....and everything changed.  What's amazing about this cake? This chocolate cake uses brewed [...]


Vertical Head Shot with Salad

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