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Book a free call with Alyssa to figure out where you’re at with your hormone health and what your next step is for boosting your energy, decreasing brain fog & getting started with sustainable change during the menopause journey.

2. Hormone Health Review

Getting started is often the hardest part & takes courage! Alyssa honours your willingness to step out of your comfort zone, listens to where you’re at and helps you establish that next step. Going through the hormone health checklist provides a focus on areas where you could take your next step – the main pillars we cover are nutrition, sleep, movement, stress management and life purpose. All of these are key to supporting your menopause transition and experience, improving energy & clarity long term! We will talk about your most urgent area first, developing a simple next step you can take right away.

3. Identify Your Next Step

After reviewing the checklist and your next step, we can determine if our peaceful path to menopause program is a good fit for you. Over 14 weeks we provide a roadmap for understanding the factors that influence energy while providing the step by step guidance needed to begin making changes. We’ll also build the foundations of healthy habits – teaching your brain how to build habits that will last.

The goal is sustainable, long term change, not just quick results, with a focus on what works for you and what pace will enable you to build the new habits that serve you during your menopause experience. It’s never about food alone, a holistic approach considering lifestyle, activity, mindset and nutrition together is needed to support your hormone health and move you forward.

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What Clients Are Saying

Prior to working with Alyssa I had done a fair bit of research on my own on the lifestyle factors affecting cognitive decline, but really hadn’t figured out how to apply what I’d learned in my own life. Although Alyssa helped me get consistent with meal planning and on-track with nutrition – which I’d been hoping for – she ended up surpassing my expectations by teaching me so much more, including how to form lasting habits, how to handle stress, and ways to improve my sleep. Working with Alyssa I’ve also learned to celebrate all of the things I already do well and to use the skills I (didn’t know I) already have to solidify my new healthy habits. Thank you Alyssa!

Sarah D

Alyssa is an incredibly caring provider. She is compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable. The program takes your personal situation into consideration and is tailored to your needs. I loved our meetings which unlocked new areas to explore and felt very supported on my journey. I feel that I have lots of personalized tools in my toolkit at the end of the program. I cannot thank her enough and look forward to working with her again in the future.


“My experience with Alyssa from Minds Well fed has been life changing! We were able to discuss my current health concerns and she created a personal program designed around my needs. The best part is the program includes easy to use online tools, great recipes, grocery lists and new simple daily habits to incorporate into my daily routine.

My results have been amazing. The rosacea and eczema on my face has completely cleared up and my tummy troubles are on the mend. I look forward to continually improving my health with Alyssa.”

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